Friday, May 14, 2010

NIE is back!!!

Yeah! NIE is BACK!!!!
Last year, our team got top 10 in Penang...
YEAH!!! We were so glad!!!
BUT this year we plan to win...
MUST win.... Brain storming session has begun and ended with success and chaos...
Finalize the ideas and were so very satisfied...
Now, it leaves to the hands of the designers and essay writers...
We must win...

Friday, March 19, 2010

When will it all end?

As i watch the dark blue skies,
I wonder...
Is it ever going to end?

As i observe the wind pattern as moments pass,
I wonder...
Is it ever going to end?

As i see the people flashing by,
I wonder...
Is it ever going to end?

What I'm about to tell you, dear readers, is something so deep and dangerous that only a handful of people know what I'm about to tell you. If I could only trace back my child moments when I first saw barney on tv, I would. Not knowing what kind of danger awaits in this dangerous world.

Are you ready?

Be careful after reading this post as not many people bestow such knowledge.

I'm still waiting!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Over..

I walk out of the room with a shattered heart and a pierced heart. Wondering if that was enough. Did I reach my own expactation? Huh....
It all happen a few weeks back,
the day of the audition had arrive
i was so scared
I practiced and practiced and practiced and practiced... (i shall explain no further)
Every second counts as they flew by so quickly
At exacly 2.10
The school bells rings
My heart frost for that slight moment as I regain my caution
Chris (My bestest friend) told me
"It's time"
We walked up to the audition hall located at the top floor
He was anticapated
I was scared
As we walked up,
I sang my heart out to lose that shiver out of my spinal cord
We reached the hall
Ren Zhang, Daniel Song, Kean Wooi, and Ryan (He stayed for a while only) were there
The teacher told all the particapants to gather at the front to wait for our turn
Singers after singers came
Songs after songs
I walked up to the front
Held the microphone
Oh god save me!
After finishing the song
The crowd went wild cheering for me
But I knew I sang badly
The judges looked impressed but they told me to sing longer
So relieve

Days went pass
A week went pass
How I wish I could replay that moment
Do it all over again

I told the teacher I quit
I could not stand the pressure
If I made it to the finals,
I didn't want to be imberassed
So, I took such action
He said 'Tak apa (That's ok) '
He told me actually i made it to the finals

I didn't bother
I can now enjoy my ko-kurikulum night
Without stress...

*I would like to thank all your support and guidance
*I decided to sing the song "Never Alone" by Jim Brickman (Thanks to Cassandra)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I need all of your help!!!

One week and one more day and counting... I'm still lost in the midst of the dark shadow... You maybe be wondering what I'm talking about. It's KOKURIKULUM NIGHT...There's a singing competition during that night. First I have to pass the audition of course, which I have to sing a song, which I don't know what song to sing yet. That's when you come in... I need your suggestion on what song to sing. I don't want a song that is...

a) too slow
b) too hippy
c) oldie
d) other than English
e) sung by a lady singer
f) too hard to sing
g) difficult to get a minus one version (a song with music only)

These are the suggestions that Cassandra, Oon Feng, Jeremiah, and other people suggested me to sing:
a) 'Obsessed' by Jeremiah (Which is sooo stupid)
b) 'Never alone' by Cassandra
c) 'This is my home' by Oon Feng
d) 'No boundaries' by Cassandra (Do you know how hard it is too sing that song?)
e) 'Hero' by Oon Feng
A lot more... I've forgotten...

For now, I'm planning to sing the song 'Satu Malaysia' by all the famous singers singing together... It's pretty nice... I love the chorus.... BUT (Why must there be a 'but' in everything that's nice) the song consists of tamil and mandarin lyrics. The mandarin lyrics I can concure but the Tamil part WILL be a BIG PROBLEM

I need you're help to give me suggestions on what song to sing... Please.... HELP ME....

Oh ya... I've forgotten to mention... Only five students will be selected from the audition and get to sing during kokurikulum night. Not only that, the five students will be trained my five teachers ,who can sing of course. I particapated last year but unfortunally I got 5th out of 12 other contestants. All the other contestants were all about form 4 to 6. It was sooo scary. Last year when I sang during the audition, I screwed up the song. Nooo... I taught it was over. In the end, I went to the finals with the other 12 contestants and I screwed up the song AGAIN. Can't blame anyone... The WORSE thing was my Geography teacher, I shall not mention names, was shouting at me to dance cause I was too stiff... Telling you, IT WAS SOOOOOOOO EMBARASSING... After I finish singing, I was so relieve. Collected my trophy and i had to settle for fifth place.

So I desperatelly need you help because
1) I have a terrible voice
2) I'm bad at choosing songs
3) I'm lost
4) I want to win

Actually, I wanted to quit cause I had a feeling i will screw up the song again, make the judges deaf and I really don't want to go down the same old road like last year...

I asked others should I join or not and most of them said yes. Even the teachers from my school asked me to join. Oh gosh, How embarassing it was...


Your suggestions will be taken in consideration... Thanx...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The results are out!!!!!

2 pm as I was walking down the stairs. It was like any normal day. Suddenly, I heard the phone ring and I answered it. Not even a second drove by and the caller hang up. I was puzzled. I called Kean Wooi and asked if he called me. He said no. He then said ' Bernard, I have good news and bad news'. I was wondering what will his random topic be again. 'The good news is the NIE results came out today. The bad news is... WE DID NOT GET SELECTED!!!!' he said. I was quite upset but I regain my caution. I told him that's ok but at least we did our best. We then spent about an hour on the phone how would we split the pizza. We came to a conclusion and it goes like this.
1) Mr Liang for lending us a helping hand and guiding us through this unforgetable journey
2) Miss Juanita for providing us an empty newpaper cover when we desperately needed it
3) Wei Shan's dad for providing us transport to the printing shop twice
4) Sean for teaching us design techics we could use in our magazine
5) Justin's mum (Aunty Shanti) for lending us her house and being a wonderful host
6) Ray Gan for being our model of the day
7) Kean Wooi's mum for providing us transport back home
8) Veronica Pau for her guidance
9) Ren Zhang's mum for providing us transport too
10) Jordan Scully for being a faithful model
If your name is not mention here, I would like apologize. Thanks everyone for all the support and guidance through out this unforgetable journey. I have to say, this is one of the best years I had as a teenager and the best part is that i get to spent it with my friends. Thanks to all and God bless...
*PS.Whoever would like to see the finalists, use can see today's nespaper (27-8-2009) at page N22.*

Saturday, July 18, 2009

An unforgetable exhibition

I went for an exhibition along with aunty Joyce and my mum, which was organized by Uplands. Before we proceeded to the exhibition, we had to wait at a dining area. We were served with scrumptious food. Telling you, the food was so delicious. Every bite was heaven. What do you expect... Uplands very rich ah... Then there was performances showed by the students themselves. This two girls sang 'The man who can't be moved'. They were very good at singing.

After that, we had to leave the dining area and proceed to the a small hall for the exhibition. The exhibition was very very very very beautiful. These are some of the exhibite... This was so cool. A guy used a one kind of software.

They calles this the black hole. But I think it looks like a passage to hellThey name this the pregnant woman on a ballThis is a face made with glass. It's it niceThis is my favourite cause at first it looks like a bridge but it's a tree actually taken from the bottom This is a picture of Vanessa Hudgens made from small little picturesThey call this 'Ferris whell of books'They named this 'A praying lady'This was the person who did all the pictures

Hope you enjoyed... See ya...

Friday, June 26, 2009

NIE was a success!!!

I post this blog is to tell you guys to join NIE but today I would like to show you guys my team this year. We finished everything in a rush but to me, it was beautiful. I must really give credit to Lim Kean Wooi and Loke Ren Zhang, for their effort towards this project. Let me introduce my team... By the way, we call our team 'That's enough' because the theme this year was 'Teen Angst' means problems we face as youth from smoking, to internet addiction. We chose this name because we wanted to let the youths of Malaysia know that there is always hope in life. There is always a choice in life. Anyway, back to the introducing...
This is Loke Ren Zhang. His a really smart kid and also a good friend. I chose him in my team because he is very hardworking and very helpful. He sacrifed a lot for this project. He is also very encouraging to me because when I'm down, he encourages me never give up and keep walking face up. His advice to me is very precious and helpful in life. His very humble and always good in many ways. Thanks Ren Zhang...!!!!!!!!!!
This is Kean Woi. His too really smart and also a good friend. He is very humble in his studies and character wise. His very good in computer and editing and stuff. I chose him because he always helps me a lot and as a friend, he is really a good one. His very honest and that's what makes this project a success. He is honest by telling us if he likes this or not and by doing that, it makes the project worth much. His actually our main editor. He did a fabolous job along with Ren Zhang but he still thinks it can be improved. Thanks Kean Woi!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is Wei Shan. He is very friendly and kind. His also a very patient person. He is very good Sejarah. Telling you... He is always score A for sejarah since the first test. His a very good friend. I chose him in my team because I need someone as patient as him to help me think of ideas. His also good in editing. He designs very nice. He designed Brother Paul's farewell banner in front of our school. Very nice la!!!! His also very supportive and hardworking. Thanks Wei Shan!!!!
This is Justin. Yeap... He is sleeping not dead...Anyway, his our main thinker of ideas. His a really creative guy and he thinks outside the box. He willingly borrowed us his house to snap pictures for this project. There was one picture where by he needed to step on the balcony and guess what, he did. Of course someone was holding his hand. I chose him because of his brain that contains valueble knowledge and ideas that helps us to make this project a success. Thanks a lot Justin!!!!!

I would also like to thank our parents, teachers (Especially Mr Liang for your guidance towards this project), my honourable tuition teacher, Mrs Loh, who willingly used her time to being interview at, the artists (Gareth,Joshua Ooi and Sarah Chong) and lastly Ong Ray Gan, for coming and support us by modelling for our photo op.

Back to the point, the project is actually called NIE (News Paper In Education). This project is for students all around Asia to show their talent. As you know, the theme for this year is Teen Angst. This is our topic:

1) Friends... We were told to design a magazine. So we called it 'The Essence of their Presence'. I'll post the essay another day.
2) The second one, we did on we putting on a mask all the time. We called it 'The Invincibe mask'
Before I pen off, I would like to thank everyone for making this project a success espcially my team members. I will post the essay another day. See ya...